Thursday, 3 October 2013


My Presentation;

Quote by Hallmark cards, good reason why I wanted to research greeting cards.

- The card industry is seen to be 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of design.
- First commercial Christmas card was invented in 1846 by Sir Henry Cole, the card he sent to his mother has recently been sold for £22,500.

Although 80-85% of card purchases are made by women, men tend to spend more on a single card then a woman would.

Greeting cards are traced back to ancient Chinese to celebrate the New Year.

Handmade paper Valentines cards were introduced in Europe in the early 15th Century, this card is the oldest found valentines cards and is displayed in a British museum currently.

- Large advances in print in the 1850s, now card sending is a popular and affordable way to communicate.
- Technical developments like colour lithography in 1930, which increase the manufacturing of greeting cards.
- In 1980 there was a thiriving market for 'alternative cards' which are humorous and whimsical designs.

Women are the target audience as 80-85% of card buyers are women.

Explain why I like greetings cards, and why this one in particular.

Talk about screen print and how I would like to try and do some screen printing with cards.

My Feedback;
After my presentation I received feedback from my group, some of which was constructive, and some which was just nice. I organised my post-it notes into categories of which were helpful and which were just nice.

5 helpful, 3 not very helpful.
-- Just being nice
-- Helpful
-- Could be helpful

Really enjoyed your presentation.
You know good facts about greetings cards.

Really well presented, clearly spoken.
Was a nice touch that you brought your own cards in to show your interest.

Interesting topic that you clearly enjoy and are passionate about.
Good sense of direction about where you can take your research.

Shows keen interest in greeting card history and seems very knowledgeable.
Good idea to bring examples.
Could try making your own cards and experimenting with process and media.

Good combination of content and current stats ect.
Good to explain why you like it and bringing in examples.
Showed/told us about your plan to further it, which is good.
Could have focused on an era or area? As it was quite broad.

Really interesting statistics.
Physical examples show that you are really interested in your subject.
Aspirations for your subject in your own work.

Good overall knowledge.
Good use of facts and figures to validate your research.
Could improve design of presentation, make it more design related.
Good links to your own design production.

Good knowledge on statistics as well as history.
Interesting how the cards have changed according to social life.
Passionate on subject.
Good ideas for the future.

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